Director and Producer

Serina Chen

An interdisciplinary art curator, creative art director and chief producer, Serina Chen's outstanding works range across drama, music, dance, multimedia, exhibitions and musicals.
Chen founded Taipei Arts International Association and designed the "Taipei Arts Festival" for Taipei City in 1998. She continuously held various international festivals, such as the Taipei International Arts Festival, the Taiwan Dance Workshop Festival, the World Music Festival, and the Arts Wonderland at Festival in the Square to enlarge the scale of art festivals to an international standard.
With the notion of propelling the Taiwanese and Chinese arts into the international arena and promoting rich and diverse cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural exchanges, Chen was regarded as the head of festivals by the European Festivals Association in 2009 because of her success in festival curation.
Devoted to creating innovative and creative production and integrating a strong art team, Chen was considered the leading producer of Chinese musicals. Her acclaimed productions include musical Cyrano de Bergerac, rock musical Kiss me Nana, Amadeus, Little Town, Tanshui, and Chyao Fong, the End of Destiny. These productions have achieved significant breakthroughs for Chinese musicals in Taiwan. Chen successfully transformed Godot Theater Company from a small theater group into the most successful theater production company in Taiwan with more than 100,000 regular audience members.
In 2000, Chen founded Image in Motion Theater Company (IMT). IMT has made groundbreaking productions such as multi-media theater Not a Love Story, @Dream, and Chanceformation of Life, interactive multi-media dance-theater Imagining Kung Fu, and 3D fantasy musical Franz & Friends' Voyage Undersea. These productions are leading and innovative works in multi-media theater.
In 2002, Chen turned a classic piece Night Revels of Han Xizai, which was housed in the Palace Museum in Beijing, into a live performance with music and dancing. In 2007, The Feast of Han Xizai was performed in the Hall of Great Supremacy Square, using immersive theater to present Night Revels of Han Xizai. TAIA was the first local performing group to perform in the Palace Museum in Beijing in 500 years. In 2006, Chen created the Chinese musical masterpiece In Love with Carmen starring Taiwanese pop star A-mei.
In 2010, Serina was invited to be the director and the producer of the thematic show of World Expo Shanghai 2010, Window of the City. Window of the City was performed more than 500 times in 184 days to more than one million audience members and won the "Best Presentation Award of EXPO 2010" from the Exhibitor Magazine (USA).
In 2011, as director and creator in chief of IMT, Ms. Chen created a total interactive walk-through theater experience, Fantasy Warp. From 2016 to 2017, Chen became the artistic director of the Taipei Summer Universiade Cultural Events, creating performances for the Taipei Summer Universiade, including the International Taipei Universiade Athletes' Village, Universiade Museum, and other special cultural events.
Chen has also advocated the establishment of cultural policy and support for research on performing arts environment in Taiwan. Chen led various research projects and many cultural and creative park planning projects, such as the Huashan 1914 Creative Park and the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. As one of founders of the Performing Arts Alliance and its executive director, Chen promotes cultural forum and integrates cultural environment development consensus in order to further develop the cultural and creative industry.