Cultural Creativity Research and Planning

Nurture Talent and Team → Realize Arts Industry → Form Arts Ecosphere

The arts in Taiwan has gradually matured, allowing up and coming local art to step into the global arena. Through the exchange of ideas and talent internationally, those in the performing arts field are able to learn from one another and grow as a whole, and art is able to take root in many previously inaccessible places. In order to bring exquisite local productions onto the international stage, and build a platform for professional talents to exchange experiences, TAIA is committed to nurturing the depth and breadth of the performance arts industry and cultural policies. TAIA is devoted to research and planning in relation to culture and creative industry, aiming to build a sustainable art ecosphere.
◇ Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Planning
◆ Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park Planning
◇ Taiwan Performing Arts Fair Wei Wu Ying Opening Event
◆ National Digital Creativity Center Planning (Cultural Affairs Committee)
◇ Research on Video & Audio High-tech Applications in Coalescence with Performing Arts Industries
◆ Centennial Wine Culture Festival in the New Millenium Songshan Tobacco Plant first event
◇ Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Board – Wine Culture Research