"Art creation, at its crux, is defined by its uniqueness, but to make the arts, or cultural creativity, into an industry, we need to popularize the arts. Uniqueness and popularization, I don't think that they are in conflict. They don't need to be in contrast or against each other. In fact, it's possible for culture, creativity, and industry to exist in harmony. And if we are successful in popularizing the arts, then the audience can really live in the arts. Art becomes accessible and immersive, and that's when we can really create an expansive market for the arts audience. That's the future we want to realize.
Our expectation for ourselves as the Taipei Arts International Association is to be a platform that facilitates the arts as an industry and to create a larger arts market. As a platform, we are a hub for creative people and a collector of resources for the arts industry. This platform keeps a circulation that continues to grow and nurture its sphere of creative people and audiences. We sincerely hope that Taiwan, as a great nexus for culture and the arts, can elevate the existing creative parks or ecosystems. We look forward to seeing these creative parks in the future becoming a Silicon Valley for the arts.
With our twenty years of experience, what we'd really like is to devote ourselves to being an important force for the future of the arts, not only in Taiwan, but also in the international sphere."
− Serina Chen, Artistic Director at the Taipei Arts International Association