Wonders of Art International

Wonders of Art International is dedicated to creating large-scale productions of multidisciplinary art and new media art. Our productions such as Window of the City, the thematic show of World Expo Shanghai 2010 and The First Seeds, a large-scale architectural video mapping and multi-media projection show for the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts in 2017, are both setting an example for high quality and popular live performance, expanding audiences for the arts. Most important of all, Wonders of Art International has made Asian performance arts visible on the world stage.


Iamage in Motion Theater Company (IMT)

Image in Motion Theater Company was established to bring 3D animation and movie special effects into conventional theater, allowing an integration of live performances with virtual stage design. As a result, the audience undergoes a fantastic story-telling experience constantly interwoven with moving images and live performance. IMT has collaborated with experts in diverse fields to discover all possibilities of multi-media theater and have created a high standard of theater production that fuses multimedia with live performance.