Grand-scale International Arts Festival Curation

Organizing international arts festivals,
breaking the mold to bring the arts closer to its audience

In 1998, TAIA gave birth to the first arts festival in Taiwan, which opened the doors to international arts curation and grand-scale arts production in the region. Beginning with the Taipei Arts Festival, the arts began to blossom and spread, and through countless themes and forms, bridged the gap between art and its audience. To date, TAIA has invited wonderful foreign talents, as well as lead excellent local performing groups, to participate in international arts festivals. In doing so, TAIA has lead Taiwan onto the global stage and continues to reach new horizons.
◇ Sacred Heart's Day-Charity Amusement Park Planning and Design
◆ 2017 Taipei Summer universiade Cultural events
◇ Digital Creative Christmas tree A Joint Lighting Event of Yangming Maritime Cultural Foundation and Taipei Universiade
◆ Beautiful Ocean International Children's Drawing Competition
◇ Taiwan JAZZ Live Relay
◆ Arts Wonderland Festival in the Square
◇ Olympia earth games
◆ Meeting with Music diverse communities carnival
◇ A-Ha! Hakka! Taiwan hakka cultural festival
◆ Kaohsiung international container arts festival
◇ Taipei International Arts Festival
◆ Taiwan World Music Festival
◇ Taipei arts Festival、Taipei International Arts Festival