Global Arts Intersection, Talent Cultivation, and Arts Education Promotion

TAIA has long-standing partnerships with art organizations all around the world, is regularly invited to participate in international art events, and often engages in exchange and co-production of arts exhibitions. Examples include the Edinburgh International Festival in the UK, the Festival d'Avignon in France, the Singapore International Festival of Arts, CINARS in Canada, and WOMEX the World Music Expo, etc. TAIA is also committed to planning and implementing programs to foster the growth of talent in the performing arts, allowing arts education to take root everywhere.

International Arts Exchange

◇ Ollin Kan Festival in Mexico Taiwan representative
◆ Taiwan nights Womex the world music Expo curation
◇ Taiwan Cultural festival in shanghai – Formosa expressions week
◆ Womex THE WORLD Music Expo Taiwan Representative
◇ Creative Vision, Creative Taiwan, Cultural Exchange on Creative Industriese
◆ The Arts Mart CINARS in Canada International Exchange for the Performing Arts
◇ 21st Century Creative Industries Forum and Showcase Chinese and English Performing Arts Industry and Education
◆ ANN Asia Arts Network Annual Conference 2001 Taipei


Arts Education Promotion

◇ World theater masters academy
◆ Put SARS inside Pandora’s box arts therapy and black box exercise
◇ A journey with the Arts performing arts campus tour and arts lectures
◆ Taiwan Dance Workshop Festival
◇ The Story telling Project