Interdisciplinary Creative Productions

Diverse • Interdisciplinary • Creative

Facing a wave of globalization in the arts, TAIA applies comprehensive creativity and artistic taste in production. This not only encourages artists to think outside the box but also elevates performers to interdisciplinary fields, creating transnational multidisciplinary, high-quality performance.
◇ The First Seeds – Memories of the Banyan Trees a 3D rhapsody of sound and images, video mapping show at National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Wei Wu Ying
◆ Wuxi Ling Shan Meditation Hall Planning and design
◇ Franz and Friends' Voyage Undersea a 3D multimedia children's musical
◆ The Fortune Teller a black comedy of the digital age
◇ Grand Mapping Show 3D video sound and light, Tainan City Hall
◆ Fantasy Warp Multimedia Interactive Theater
◇ Window of the City The thematic show at World Expo Shanghai 2010
◆ Chanceformation of Life Improvisatory Multimedia Modern Dance Performance
◇ TAO LIVE Taipei Arena
◆ The Feast of Han Xizai Palace Museum, Beijing
◇ Naumon: La Fura dels Baus New Years Eve Festival, Kaohsiung Port
◆ In Love with Carmen a grand scale Chinese musical, Taipei Arena
◇ Formosa Expressions Week Taiwan Cultural Festival in Shanghai
◆ Imagining Kung Fu a media integrated dance theatre, Image in Motion Theater Company
◇ Changing Water Nankang Software Park Art Showcase Opening Ceremony
◆ @Dream a media integrated musical, Image in Motion Theatre Company
◇ Glow of Sun Moon Lake The Lalu Opening Gala
◆ Moon Chaser Fantasia Taiwan Moon Festival at Presidential Hall
◇ The Feast of Han Xizai National Theatre and Dutch National Theatre
◆ Dancing on the Wall Julia Taffe Dance Company, Canada
◇ Not a Love Story a media integrated dance theatre, Image in Motion Theater Company
◆ Le Jardin des Délices French-Chinese Collaborative Theatre