To Upgrade the Cultural Environment and to Develop the Culture and Arts Ecosystem

To popularize culture and arts, we must reveal the very own uniqueness of arts. In order to create an expansive market for arts, we need to make the audience to live and immerse in the beauty of arts and creativity in such a way that they themselves will appreciate and be self motivated to be closer and involved deeper to the arts. We believe that the harmony between culture and creativity with good access to the audiences can create a long lasting ecosystem of arts and culture.
Taipei Arts International Association strives to become a platform for culture and arts by bringing outstanding artists and resources together to attract the participation of more audiences. From the curation of festivals to the creation of many flagship productions as integration targets, Taipei Arts International Association commits to be the major force behind the development of arts industry not only in Taiwan but also in the International sphere. Hoping that the creation of arts will continue on and the arts industry will never cease to thrive in the future.
− Serina Chen, Artistic Director at the Taipei Arts International Association